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ginalynGinalyn Gabut has been a sponsored child at the Hope for Davao Street Children Ministry in the Philippines since 2003. She experienced many difficulties that some children only see on TV or computer screen. Her family lived on the street and for Ginalyn the street was her home and that’s where she grew up. ginalyn_combo
One tragedy after another struck Ginalyn and her family when her grand mother died and in following year her father also died. On top of all that her mother rejected her. 
The unbearable pain prompted Ginalyn leave home and her mother and sought refuge in her pastor’s home/Hope Project Director which became her home until now. In her new home, Ginalyn experinced what it is to be accepted and loved, and after some time she entrusted her life to Jesus Christ. In time, Ginalyn became an active youth leader in the church. She also volunteered at the Hope Street Scholl and has been a godly influence on many street children like her.

Since last year Ginalyn has been eagerly teaching Christian values on a volunteer basis in one of the public high schools near to the church. She teaches high school students three times a week for an hour each time. Aside from teaching values education three hours each week, Ginalyn meets with her cell group every week and with every member. She has been guiding her cell members to faith in Christ. Last July (2010)we baptized 34 people and three of them were from Ginalyn’s cell group. How we thank God for using her. return to Sucess Stories
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