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Become a Church Partner

Our vision is to activate change locally to impact children globally. It begins here
with our Free Methodist churches. We are looking for churches who will partner

with ICCM to create opportunities for children to develop mentally, physically,
socially and most importantly spiritually. We want to see long term partnerships
form with our Free Methodist churches abroad which will ultimately benefit our
children, their families and the communities that surround them.

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3…
1. Focus on an area of the world
2. Partner with children in that area
3. Develop long term relationships with your children and our Free Methodist

Wondering how your church can focus on an area of the world? Have
Dan Sheffield, Director of Global & Intercultural Ministries from The Free
Methodist Church in Canada come to your church.

Check out Dan’s blog at www.sheffield.typepad.com.

Can you imagine if your whole church partnered with children in one specific
country? Can you imagine if your whole church focused on building long term
relationships within that specific Free Methodist church where your ICCM
children attended? Can you imagine if your church invested in creative initiatives
that would transform that community? The impact would be enormous within the
children and their families, the church and the community and we would see how
the gospel transforms lives. That is “activating change locally to impact children

Contact Us:
4315 Village Centre Court | Mississauga ON L4Z 1S2
Phone: (905) 848-2600