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Success Stories


In 2004 Michelle started attending the Hope Street School at Rizal Park. She came from Monday through Friday from early evening till the evening street school ended at 9:00pm. Eager to learn, Michelle, enjoyed enjoyed the songs and the games and found comfort in the Bible stories.

Soon after Michelle accepted Jesus Christ into her life. Since then she devoted her life to God and took part in the ministry’s various trainings. She grew in her spiritual life and started helping the ministry by handling children ages 8-10. She also volunteers as values 


education teacher in one of the public high schools near the FM Church which has been established as an offshoot of the Hope Street School Ministry. After class Michelles meets with her cell groups. Each week she leads a total of 13 cell groups.

Through ICCM sponsorship Michelle graduated from high school and is now a college freshman. She is thankful to her sponsors who has made all these possible – a group of ministries- who has sponsored her since 2006.

She now lives in the home of her pastor which she truly considers her home.

What Michelle considers her greates joy is to be able to declare her forgivenes

s to her mother and her other siblings. After forgiving them, Michelle’s mother and sister surrendered their lives to the Lord and are serving him too.



Aliah is 11-year-old from Sea Wall Davao City,Philippines, who lives in a rented, single- room house with her Father and Mother and her other siblings. She‘s very shy and refuses to reply to anyone who would talk to her and she’s always frowning.

In 2006, started joining the Hope Street School (the concept of brining the school to the streets) with her mother every evening from Tuesday through Friday. There she learned how to respond, relate, talk to other kids. Aliah also learned to listen attentively to the Bible stories and participate in the various games.

Aliah did not know how to read when she first came to Hope Street, so we taught her how to read and write, with the help of God after how many months she can read and write.Aliah’s mother said that every time Aliah came home, she would always share the stories she heard at Hope with her father. aliah2

Little by little Aliah learned how to take care of herself—keeping herself clean and neat. After a year of joining the street school and the church, she received Christ as her personal Savior. Later we processed her application for ICCM sponsorship, and fortunately a sponsor chose her.

Through Aliah, both of her parents found Christ, and now faithful servants of God. One of her parents is multiplying cell group leaders in our church, When Aliah’s father goes from house to house to share the Gospel, she carries the Bible for her father. Sometimes she leads in prayer.

Aliah participates consistently in every ICCM and church activity (like the mid week prayer meeting).

Her earnest prayer request is that her two 2 brothers will receive Christ as their Savior.

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